DIStributed computing LABoratory (DISLAB) is founded by Zhongxiu Sun, the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is one of the earliest laboratories that conduct the research on the distributed computing, and has achieved the second prize of State Technological Invention Award and the first prize of Jiangsu Technological Invention Award multiple times. The team of DISLAB includes 6 professors, 1 associate professor, and 1 prospective assistant professor, and the research areas include the cloud computing and processing of big data, smart networking technology, smart sensing, etc. Recently, the research work are supported by the State 973 Program, the State 863 Program, the Key Research Program of Natural Science Foundation of China, the Key Research Program of Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, and the Technology Program of State Grid Corporation of China.

DISLAB has cooperated closely with the international academic institutions, including College of William and Mary, Temple University, Stevens Institute of Technology, University of Goettingen, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, etc. Besides, DISLAB has founded the Research Institute of Social Computing between China and German with the University of Goettingen, and founded the Wireless Sensing Network Laboratory, Pervasive Computing Laboratory with Hong Kong Polytechnic University and The University of Aizu, Japan. 

DISLAB has actively carried out the research cooperation of production, teaching and research. It has cooperated with China Telecom, State Grid Corporation of China, China Electric Power Research Institute, Nan Jing Nan Rui Group Co. ltd, etc, and has founded the cooperating platform/joint laboratory, and carried out the deep cooperation in the area of cloud computing/cloud storage, processing and mining on big data, data center network, smart power grids, Internet of things. DISLAB keeps promoting the application and development of the research achievements about the electric power, hydraulic engineering, rail traffic and digital media areas.

Main <a href="/researches">research interest</a> of DISLAB:
Cloud computing, data center and processing of big data: scheduling of resources, data storage, etc.
Net + AI: smart networking technology and application: optimization of wireless network, analysis on social network, etc.
Artificial intelligence 2.0: smart sensing system and application: passive sensing, wearable computing, Internet of things, etc.

If you are interested in DISLAB, please feel free to contact us (Dr. Wang:chuyu@nju.edu.cn or Prof.Lu:sanglu@nju.edu.cn).